Apr 19, 2017

Updates to Seesaw!

Seesaw + Google Apps = ❤
Seesaw is excited to announce a powerful new integration that makes using Seesaw and Google together in your classroom seamless.

You can now add work created using Google apps, like Docs, Slides, Sheets or Drawing, directly into Seesaw portfolios! 

Apr 3, 2017

Beyond Beebots: Computer Science Ideas for TK-1

So you've had some fun learning the basics of computer programming with our beebots. Now where do you go? Beebots are a great intro into computational thinking and spacial reasoning, so now how do you keep students engaged in computer programming?

Extending Computer Science in the TK-1 Classroom

TK Ideas 
(Benchmark Goal: Program 6+ directions into the Beebot to send the Beebot to a certain destination) 
Beebot Activities (create games, tell a story using the beebot, create art by taping a pen to the bee and see what shapes you ca draw with code, etc.)
Happy Maps

Kinder Ideas
(Benchmark Goal: Determine and input a series of 10+ sequential directions into a Bee-Bot to navigate a maze or accomplish a basic task (e.g., find the sight word, avoid the opposite, find the sum of 2+3).
Beebot Games
Happy Maps
Lightbot - Learn Basic Coding with this Game (iPad App and Browser)
Move it Move it

1st Grade
(Benchmark Goal: Use basic loops to repeat a sequence of commands, in order to guide sprites through a maze in Lightbot or Kodeable, Beebot or with unplugged activities)
Beebot Games
Happy Maps
Lightbot - Learn Basic Coding with this Game (iPad App and Browser)
Move it Move it
Hour of Code Activities
Scratch Jr. App
After you try out all the activities above, try out Spheros!

Mar 27, 2017


#BookSnaps are AWESOME! 😀

What is a book snap you ask? #Booksnaps are the brainchild of edtech guru Tara Martin. It's a simple way for kids to interact and share their insights as they read text. It combines what kids love to do (Snapchat) with what they sometimes are not so excited to do (annotate text.) They take a quick snap (photo) of the page or paragraph and then they add in their annotations and insights (circle, add text, emojis, bitmojis etc.) to demonstrate their understanding of the text. They then share their annotated images with one another on Seesaw, Google Classroom, Google+ or Twitter. There are tons of free and easy ways to do this! Use Seesaw to take photos and add annotations, use the "Markup" feature on the Photos app, use an app like Pic Collage, Skitch or Spark Post to create awesome snaps! Check out this how to video! 

Here are some examples:

Mar 24, 2017

Beebots and Greenscreens and Breakouts... Oh My!

Our Sanger EdTech team has been busy these last few weeks! We've travelled to all school sites to share some awesome stuff with Sanger kids! We've practiced basic computer programming with our TK friends using our Beebot, we've used Green Screens to transport our readers' theater to new places and have worked together to "Breakout!" Check out some of the awesome things happening in our schools!

Mar 14, 2017

March and April EdTech Menu!

Looking for something new and exciting to add into your lessons? Check out the menu below for some ideas! Go to this link to "book me" to come demo the new tool/activity with your class! Each session ranges from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Questions? Email me :)

Dec 16, 2016

Our Favorite Apps of 2016!

Hour of Code 2016!

We had thousands of Sanger kids participate this year in the Hour of Code! Students from every school site took time to learn the basics of computer code and practiced learning java script. A big thank you to all our teachers and students who participated in the Hour of Code. And don't forget that you can practice code anytime! Check out these lessons for more options and opportunities to code!